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Nikon D80 Made Easy Training DVDs

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Nikon D80 Made Easy Volumes 1 and 2

2 DVD set - 90 minutes each

This 2-DVD tutorial takes you through all the features and functions of the Nikon D80 digital camera.

Learn every feature and function of the Nikon D80 step-by-step. We reveal many functions of this camera that you may not be aware of. Take your photography to the next level without having to slog through a complicated manual!

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You will learn everything! We cover the continuous shooting mode, shutter priority mode, preset modes, flash settings, import settings, white balance settings, memory settings, display and playback modes, focus modes, set up and custom menus, histogram, self timer and much more. We also cover why you would want to use a specific setting in a certain situation.

Become an expert on the Nikon D80 in no time without a lot of hard work. Why simply use the auto mode when you can do a lot more to make your photos look professional?

The videos come with free, unlimited e-mail tech support.

  You can also call our office at 1-800-468-1996 with any questions.

If you own the D80, these videos are for you!


Nikon D80 Reference Sheet

Disc 1

Chapter 1
Installing the Battery, SD Card, and Lens
Walk Around of Camera

Chapter 2
Setting Date & Time
Shooting Menu
- Image Quality
- Image Size
Color Matrix Metering Option
Center Weighted Area Option
Spot Metering Area Option
Setting Exposure Compensation

Chapter 3
Mode Dial
- Auto
- Program
- Shutter Priority
- Aperture
- Manual
- Night
- Sports

Chapter 4
All About ISO

Chapter 5
Positioning your Camera
Playback Mode

Chapter 6
AF-AE Lock
Shooting Great Pictures in Auto Mode

Chapter 7
WB Preset
AF Area Mode

Chapter 8
Exposure Compensation



Disc 2

Chapter 1
- Exposure Bracketing
- WB Bracketing

Chapter 2
Optimize Functions
- Presets
- Custom set
- B & W
Slide Show Options

Chapter 3
Flash Control
- Normal
- Redeye Reduction
- Night Redeye Reduction
- Motion Shot
Flash Compensation

Chapter 4
Playback Menu
- Deleting Images
- Playback Folder Selection
- Print Set
Shooting Menu
Multiple Exposure Settings

Chapter 5
Custom Menu Settings
- Auto Focus Area Mode
- Center Auto Focus
- Auto Focus Assist
- ISO Auto
- Exposure Compensation
- Self Timer
- MB D80 Batteries

Chapter 6
Setup Menu
- Format SD Card
- LCD Brightness
- Language Options
Protect Images

Chapter 7
Soft Focus Background
What Type of Lens

Chapter 8
Aperture & Shutter Priority
Digital Noise

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