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Sony HDR FX1- HVR Z1U HVR Z1E Training DVDs

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At last videos that teach you everything about the FX-1 and Z1U Z1E Sony camcorders.

HDR- FX1 HVR Z1U Z1E Made Easy Volume 1 and 2 DVDs by Elite Video

Both of these HD camcorders are great, but there is one problem.  There are so many features and functions that you can spend months learning how to master all of its power- if you can decode the user manual.


This amazing 2-DVD set takes you step-by-step through all the controls, menu settings and operations of these cameras. (and as you may have found out - there are a lot and the menus are deep) -  We also reveal the uses for each setting.

Note- While there are some differences in these cameras, any differences are explained and demonstrated so that this DVD set works for both models.

These videos go into great detail and are a must for every FX-1 and Z1U  Z1E owner!

For example - we reveal the three reasons you might want to adjust the audio line trim and how to do it.

You will also learn the 5 ways to make your video look like film (beyond the cineframe mode) and we show examples. Also did you know you can program these cameras to do a rack focus by themselves? You can also preset other types of preplanned moves involving iris and white balance, we show you how to do this too. Everything from Time code functions to picture profile setting is covered.

Hosted by Video veterans Bob Nagy, Zak Smith and John Cooksey. There are over 200 tips tricks and items that we cover in both videos, (2 hours total) (the videos move fast but you can always rewind) . Plus you will understand the different HD modes and their uses. We also cover all the personal menu settings , picture profiles and main menu settings.

In addition you get a bonus section HD film school on the street where you learn how to set up 16 x 9 shots and frame them for maximum effect.

All of our DVDs come with a 90-day money back guarantee!

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 Sony FX-1 Z1u Z1E made easy Volumes one and two. Both volumes cover both cameras and allow you to master all the features and functions.

You also get 1 year of free, unlimited e-mail tech support!

Most of the information is the same for both cameras, but there are a few sections dedicated to the specifics of each camera (for example- audio menu settings).


These training videos were also videotaped in HD using only the Sony FX-1 and Z1U Z1E .

Below is the index of all the topics covered.


Camera Controls Side Buttons
     a. Neutral Density Filter Control 00:54
     b. Manual Iris Adjustment 01:10
     c. Gain Adjustment 01:28
     d. White Balance Control and Presets 01:43
     e. Focus Control 02:25
     f. Assignable Controls 03:00
     g. Record Review 03:15
     h. Back Light Feature 03:20
     i. Spot Light Feature 03:25
     j. Shutter Speed 03:38
     k. Auto Lock 03:54
Back Buttons
     a. Cover for Audio Controls 04:35
    b. Setting Zebra 04:53
     c. Peaking Feature 05:04
     d. Picture Profile Button 05:14
     e. Menu Buttons 05:35
     f. Status Check Button 05:51
     g. Select Push Exec 00:59
     h. Charge Input 06:09
Menu Control Screens
     a. Camera Set 06:50
     b. WB Preset 07:00
     c. End Search 06:35
     d. Auto Expose Response 07:17
    e. Gain Setup 07:27
     f. Shot Transition 07:54
     g. Steadyshot 08:05
     h. Flicker Reduction 08:31
     i. Handle Zoom 08:45
     j. Zebra Level 09:15
     k. Center Marker 09:34
Manual Iris and Shutter Controls
Manual Aperture Adjustment 10:15
     a. Avoiding Overexposure 10:20
     b. Manual Shutter Speed 10:50
     c. Gain Switch Setting for Low Room Light 11:58
Audio Set Menu HDR FX1 13:19
     a. Audio Mode 13:25
     b. Wind Screen 13:41
     c. Mic Line In 13:48
Audio Set Menu HVR ZIU 14:02
     a. Audio Monitor 14:11
     b. Audio Output 14:36
     c. Audio Mode 14:47
     d. Audio Lock 15:10
     e. Audio Limit 15:21
     f. Microphone Noise Reduction 15:33
     g. XLR Automatic Gain Control 16:36
     h. Microphone Select 15:45
     i. Internal Microphone 15:53
     j. XLR Set 16.04
     k. Input Level 16:56
     l. Input Trim 17:10
     m. Input Wind 17:33
Audio Controls Outside of Camera
     a. XLR Connectors 17:49
     b. Rotary Controls 18:12
     c. Channel Auto/Man 18:23
LCD Menu and Viewfinder 18:50
     a. LCD Color 19:08
     b. LCD Backlight Level 19:15
     c. Viewfinder Backlight level 19:24
    d. Viewfinder Swivel 19:50
     e. LCD Controls 20:24
     f. Eyepiece Viewfinder Controls 21:12
In/Out Menu 22.02
     a. In/Out Record Format 22:11
     b. Record Mode 22:25
     c. Component Select 22:35
     d. iLink Conversion 22:52
     e. TV Type 23:13
     f. AV/DV Converter 23:41
     g. Picture Profile Settings 24:10
     h. Auto Exposure Shift 25:22
     i. Automatic Gain Control Limit 26:14
     j. AT Iris Limit 27:04
     k. WB Shift 27:50
     l. Auto Tracing White Sensitivity 28:12
     m. Black Stretch 28:44
     n. Cinematone 29:00
     o. Cineframe 29.28
     p. Copy 30:18
     q. Reset 31:22
     r. Picture Profile Review 31:48
Discussion in Depth 32:36
DV Wide Record with Z1U Pro 32:41
Down Converting Functions 33:10
Others Menu 33:59
     a. Assign BTN 34:09
     b. Clock Setting 34:28
     c. World Time 34:39
     d. Language 34:39
     e. Beep 34:57
     f. Record Lamp 35:06
     g. Format Lamp 35:18
     h. Iris Dial 35:28
     i. Letter Size 35:45
     j. Remaining Battery 35:57
     k. Disp Output 36:20
     l. Remote Control 36:32
Tech Tip Pro ? Expanded Focus 36:42
Time Code Menu 38:38
     a. TC Preset 38:49
     b. User Bits Preset 39:05
     c. TC Format 39:38
     d. TC Run 39:48
     e. TC Make 40:03
     f. UB Time Record 40:18
     g. Battery Information Button 40:35
White Balance Presets 41:49
     a. Indoor and Outdoor 42:28
     b. A and B Settings 43:00
Neutral Density Filtering and Depth of Field 44:11
Discussion in Depth ? Video Formats 45:11
     a. Difference in Formats 45:17
     b. 1080i 46:00
     c. Recording for DVD 46:30
Camera Features 47:52
     a. Lens Cover Switch 47:56
     b. Lens Hood and filters 48:10
     c. Handle Record and Zoom Buttons 48:25
     d.. Color Bars on Viewfinder 49:18
     e. End Search Button 49:51
     f. Battery Info 50:30
     g. Play Back 50:45
     h. Condensation/Transport 51:20
     i. Tape Stock ? Wet or Dry 52:00
     j. Head Cleaning 52:15
Conclusion to Volume 1 53:04
Getting Started
Parts, Peripherals and Plug-Ins
     a. Battery and Charger 00:48
     b. Tape In 02:10
     c. Eye Piece 03:42
     d. Shoulder Strap 04:20
     e. Shoe Mount 04:20
     f. Component Cable Out 05:17
     g. AV Cable 06:02
     h. Remote Commander 06:40
Using Lan-C Controls
     Explanation, Verizoom 07:30
Assignable Buttons
     a. Location of Buttons 09:34
     b. Menu Selection 10:00
     c. Using Assignable Buttons 11:16
Pause/Standby/Record 11:31
Color Extraction and Correction 12:14
Recording Audio with On-Camera Mics 15:06
Status Check Buttons 16:57
VCR Mode Audio Set Menu and Overdubbing 18:09
     a. Multi Sound 18:53
     b. Audio Mix 19:32
     c. Audio Mode 20:04
     d. Wind/Mic In/Out 20:29
     e. Audio Dubbing 21:08
Automatic Shot Transition 24:42
     Storing Presets 25:42
Personal Menu
     a. Setup/Delete/Add 26:53
     b. Why Personal Menus? 28:17
Synchronous iLink 28:48
Recording Bands (Music, Using Mixer Boards) 30:29
“No Output Image” Error 34:06
Conclusion Volume 2
Bonus Section 35:57
     a. FX-1 Z1-U Feature Comparison 36:00
      b. High-Definition Film School 50:12
         1. HD Composition- 16.9 aspect 50:20 
         2. Horizon Lines 51:50
         3. Composition Angles 52:00
         4. Panning / Pivoting 53:17
         5. Film Style- Depth of Field 53:32
         6. Cinnaframe 55:00


We are so sure you will love what is in these DVDs  they come with a money back guarantee!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or you can call our office at 1-800-468-1996.


v1.0 08/06/05

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