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Sony PD150/170 VX2000/2100

Price: $30.00
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At last a video that teaches you everything about the Sony PD 150 170 and Sony VX 2000 2100 camcorders in 95 minutes.


These camcorders have so many features and functions that you can spend months learning how to master all of their power- if you can decode the user manuals.


This amazing DVD takes you step-by-step through all the controls, menu settings and operations of the cameras. (As you may have found out - there are a lot of settings, and the menus are deep.)

We also reveal the uses for each setting.

This video goes into great detail and is a must for every Sony PD 150 170 and VX 2000 2100 owner!

You can preset types of preplanned moves involving iris and white balance, and we show you how to do this.

Everything from Time code functions to picture profile setting is covered.

There are over 200 tips tricks and items that we cover, (the video moves fast but you can always rewind) . Plus you will understand the different modes and their uses. We also cover all the personal menu settings , picture profiles and main menu settings.

This DVD comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

This DVD allows you to master all the features and functions.

You also get 1 year of free, unlimited e-mail tech support with the videos!


Below is the index of all the topics covered on the PD150 PD170

Chapter 1

Differences between cameras
Camera body controls
input/output jacks

Chapter 2

PD150 PD170
Audio menu settings
Rotating control
DV Cam vs DV Mode
AGC explained
Manual gain linked

Chapter 3

VX2000 VX2100
Audio menu settings
rec mode standard and long play
audio mode 12bit/16bit
Mic level auto/manual
Exposure demo
Digital effects demo
Frame and interval recording introduction
frame recording setup and examples
Interval recording setup and examples

Chapter 4

Still images
Memory buttons for still images
Photo playback menu
Continuous shooting mode
photo quality
print mark
image protect
slide show mode
delete all

Chapter 5

Custom preset menu
Color level
White balance shift
Exposure shift
AGC limit
Video and audio input/output
Adding audio to existing programs

Chapter 6

still frame grab off video
steady shot
White Balance
Manual audio control
Audio level control

Chapter 7

AE program/shift
Electronic Shutter

Chapter 8

Menu overview

Chapter 9

Time Code/User Bits
Digital Effect-Flash
chromakey setups and stills memory functions

Chapter 10

Camera Chromakey
$75 Lighting Setup

We are so sure you will love what is on this DVD, it comes with a money back guarantee!



If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or you can call our office at 1-800-468-1996.



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